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Home Masthead - Digital Market Share Growth

Intelligence Drives Revenue & Market Share Growth

The data obtained through digital analytics provides only baseline performance measures. Using digital analytics to determine "what happened" is no longer enough. Digital Marketing Intelligence is the data-driven insight and guidance needed to empower your strategy.

Digital Marketing Intelligence


Why are my digital programs at current levels?


How do I improve my programs and drive results?


Who is best in my space and how do I compare?

NorthPage Digital Marketing Intelligence Subscription

The NorthPage Intelligence Subscription

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Confidence for Marketing Leaders
Data-driven insight, prescriptive guidance, and marketplace monitoring take the guesswork out of optimizing complex digital programs.

Efficiency for Digital Teams
NorthPage automated technology saves time and money by pinpointing the areas of opportunity accurately and at scale. Teams are enabled to focus on executing for improvement.

Growth for Brands and Enterprises
Our comprehensive digital roadmap identifies what to fix and where to strategically invest for improved ROI and market share growth.

Trusted by Premier Global Companies

NorthPage grows digital confidence for marketing executives and takes the guesswork out of optimizing strategy across complex digital programs.

Through automated, frictionless analysis and benchmarking across 5,000+ digital marketing best practices, NorthPage delivers competitive insight and actionable guidance to optimize the customer digital journey.

Clients who Increase Revenue and Market Share Growth

Take the Guesswork Out of Optimizing Complex Digital Programs

Master your digital priorities, performance and competition through frictionless, actionable intelligence.