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About Us

NorthPage is a leading digital marketing intelligence (DMI) company that empowers marketing executives and their teams to grow digital performance. Our performance diagnostics, competitive benchmarking and prescriptive guidance identify exactly where and how to improve the customer journey, user experience, engagement, and conversion across digital channels.

NorthPage DMI is powered by intelligent automation, leveraging our proprietary Cognitive Marketing Analytics Platform and an algorithmic approach to digital marketing program analysis and optimization. NorthPage DMI continuously runs automated analysis of thousands of E-Commerce, website, and mobile digital marketing programs against our repository of 5,000+ digital best practices.

From our Southbury, Connecticut headquarters, we work with over 300 leading retail, telecom, banking, insurance, technology, travel, and CPG companies around the globe. We would like to help your company optimize digital strategy, gain competitive advantage and improve ROI.

Take the Guesswork Out of Optimizing Complex Digital Programs

Master your digital priorities, performance and competition through frictionless, actionable intelligence.