Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform

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What does a Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform do?

A Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform:

  • Analyzes digital marketing programs to determine why something happened rather than measuring what happened
  • Runs thousands of tests on target and competitive digital marketing programs to evaluate capabilities and identify strengths, challenges, opportunities, and performance differentials
  • Processes proof-driven diagnostics with no human bias
  • Bridges the gaps between digital analytics, big data, institutional knowledge, and the need for practical decision making
  • Defines the way digital programs are improved - similarly to how digital analytics define the way that programs are measured
  • Provides the foundation for ongoing benchmarking, change detection, and continuous improvement

What are the components of a Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform?

A Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform is a software platform containing:

  • Application logic
  • A function-specific system architecture
  • Intelligent data ingesters
  • A dynamic, algorithmic core
  • Cognitive processing and learning capabilities
  • User- and machine-based consumption interfaces
Cognitive Brain

How does a Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform work?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and other cognitive technologies, a Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform penetrates digital marketing to learn from experience, and provide insight and guidance. Specifically, a Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform extracts digital assets, signals, and proof points. Then, the Platform embeds them into semantic models, discovering hypotheses and interpreting evidence, providing data- and proof-driven insights, and continuously improving them.

A Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform embraces human-machine hybrid learning because the system is taught by humans. User feedback is combined with digital analytics performance data to determine the quality and impact of the enhancement guidance, which the system uses to refine future guidance.

A Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform differs from and complements current digital analytics, moving beyond tabulating, calculating, and reporting based on preconfigured rules and programs. A Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform infers and even reasons based on digital marketing program objectives such as awareness creation, demand generation, opportunity conversion, customer engagement, and digital brand development.

The more organizations that use and feed a Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform, the smarter it gets. The smarter it gets, the more organizations use and benefit from it. Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platforms are built to enable, enter, and embrace this cycle.

What makes a System or Platform “Cognitive”?

A Cognitive System:

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