Digital Marketing Intelligence

Insight, Efficiency, and Confidence
for Today's Marketing Leaders

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What is Digital Marketing Intelligence?

Digital Marketing Intelligence identifies digital program strengths, challenges, and opportunities for brands to grow revenue and increase market share

How Does it Help Business Growth?

Digital Marketing Intelligence measures where your business stands against competitors, informs digital strategy and investments, and prioritizes your opportunities for growth

What Powers Digital Marketing Intelligence?

Digital Marketing Intelligence leverages Google-like technology, cognitive analytics, and proven digital best practices to yield data-driven, scalable, and actionable guidance

Digital Marketing Intelligence Elements


"Instant-On" intelligence. No software to install, site tagging, or set-up for marketing or IT teams


Google-like technology, cognitive analytics, and intelligent automation identify hundreds of improvement opportunities for your digital programs

Best-Practice Based

Thousands of proven technical, functional, and strategic best practices weighted by economic and KPI data are the baseline for benchmarking digital marketing programs. Best practices span E-commerce, website, mobile, social, SEO, product merchandising, content marketing, E-Channels, and online support

Objective, Data-Driven

Data-driven, opinion-free benchmarking and guidance - with no conflicts of interest


Identifies and prioritizes strategic areas of investment and specific actions to drive digital marketing program performance

Market Driven

In-depth competitive benchmarking across the entire customer digital journey, including deep industry insights on digital priorities, areas of investment, trends, challenges, and trailblazers


Distinct analysis for each customer's industry, competition, and digital business model

Take the Guesswork Out of Optimizing Complex Digital Programs

Master your digital priorities, performance and competition through frictionless, actionable intelligence.