Digital Marketing Intelligence

  • Grow Confidence
  • Expand Competitive Advantage
  • Drive Results
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Digital Marketing Intelligence (DMI):

  • Is a new class of information for marketing leaders

  • Frictionlessly measures thousands of performance inputs

  • Provides competitive insight and actionable guidance

  • Pinpoints opportunities for Key Performance Indicator (KPI), revenue, and market share growth

  • Flows from the continuous analysis of digital marketing program performance, capabilities, strengths, challenges, and competitive standing

How Does DMI Help?

For enterprise marketing organizations, DMI grows confidence, drives results, and expands competitive advantage. Marketing leaders rely on DMI to stay current, set strategy, measure progress, and identify key growth opportunities.

Where you stand
Where You Stand

Your current digital
marketing performance

How you compare
How You Compare

Performance insight on
your competitive set

What to do
What To Do

A prioritized strategic action
plan: Invest, Fix, and Grow

What Powers Digital Marketing Intelligence?

Market and Competitive Insight

Market and Competitive Insight
  • DMI provides in-depth competitive benchmarking across the entire customer digital journey including deep, rich industry context—digital priorities, areas of investment, trends, challenges, and trailblazers
  • Marketing leaders rely on DMI to stay current and gain critical inputs to set and adjust strategy, priorities, and digital program investments

Prescriptive Guidance

Prescriptive Guidance
  • DMI identifies and prioritizes strategic areas of investment and specific, fine-grained actions to drive digital marketing program performance
  • Digital teams leverage trusted DMI guidance to stay current, track progress, and prioritize specific actions to drive KPI lift

Scalable and Intelligent

Scalable Insight
  • DMI is powered by intelligent automation, leveraging a cognitive marketing analytics platform and an algorithmic approach to digital marketing program analysis and optimization

Best Practice and Proof-Based

Best Practice and Proof-Based Intelligence
  • DMI flows from the automated benchmarking of target digital marketing programs against thousands of proven technical, functional, and strategic best practices
  • Weighted by economic and KPI impact data, DMI best practices include world-class performance examples
  • DMI best practices span E-commerce, website, mobile, social, SEO, product merchandising, content marketing, E-Channel, and online support digital functions


Frictionless Guidance
  • DMI is frictionless—with no software to install, no surveys to complete, no site tagging, and no marketing or IT team resources needed (e.g., training, data collection, systems, projects, etc.)
  • DMI saves time, helping marketing leaders and teams improve productivity and produce results—while not adding to their burden


Objective Digital Guidance
  • DMI is produced by data-driven, opinion-free benchmarking with no conflicts of interest; trust is the basis of Digital Marketing Intelligence

Customized and Focused

Customized and Focused
  • DMI is mass customized to each customer's industry, market, competition, and digital business model

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