Digital Confidence For Marketing Leaders

NorthPage provides @scale digital program performance benchmarking to
help organizations master the business and practice of digital marketing

Digital Marketing Intelligence


  • How are my digital programs doing?
  • What are their strengths and challenges?
  • How effective and engaging is our digital experience?
  • Where and how have we changed?
  • Are we moving fast enough?


  • What should we do to drive market and digital ROI performance?
  • Which strategic moves hold the most potential?
  • Where are the immediate opportunities to improve my digital programs?


  • How competitive are my programs?
  • Who is the best at digital in my space?
  • Why? Where are my competitors investing and differentiating?
  • Who has transformed digitally?
  • Who are we most like?

  • Where is my segment headed?
  • How fast is it moving?
  • What’s on the digital horizon in my space – and who’s blazing the trail?

Cognitive, @scale Digital Program Analysis

NorthPage performs comprehensive Digital Experience and Customer Digital Journey testing, analysis, and prescriptive guidance. The NorthPage AI Digital Performance Testing Platform conducts proof-based testing (5,000+ tests) of web, mobile, commerce, content, and social deployments and journeys.

  • Performance-trained algorithms mapped to 300 micro-industry segments
  • Massive, current global digital intelligence repository to instruct digital strategies and program optimization
  • Testing and analysis of digital programs in 130 Countries and 22 languages
  • Continuous performance testing and systemic learning
  • All Intelligence is custom and specific to each organization and segment
  • Full objectivity and complete integrity – NorthPage provides no agency or consulting services

Trusted by Premier Global Enterprises

Over 500 leading global B2B and B2C brands trust NorthPage Digital Intelligence to master the business and practice of digital marketing. Popular industries include telecom, retail, banking, insurance, technology, travel, hospitality, automotive, utilities, electronics, consumer products, and education.

Use Cases

Executives and marketing, digital, and commerce organizations use NorthPage Digital Intelligence to power digital growth.


  • Strategic planning for digital growth
  • Digital program planning and prioritization
  • Digital transformation blueprints
  • Digital platform, team, and agency assessments
  • Digital progress accounting
  • Design Thinking enablers


  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Digital and market awareness (Digital Horizon)
  • Data-driven digital market models
  • New market entry


  • Board-level Digital Performance Review
  • Digital Program Performance Review
  • Digital Customer Experience Benchmark
  • Digital Journey Assessments
  • Digital KPI optimization
  • High-fidelity input to Agile backlogs
  • Prioritized A/B test inputs
  • Continuous Improvement Programs
  • Value-based Engagement Content for marketing organizations

Specialty Assessment & Benchmark

  • Mobile Experience
  • Digital Portfolio Presence and Performance
  • Digital Brand Equity
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Retail (E-Channel)


NorthPage Digital Marketing Intelligence is available in multiple forms

  • Executive Intelligence – management reports
  • Digital Performance Subscriptions
  • Digital Intelligence Portal
  • Daily, Custom Digital Intelligence (feeds, email, API)


NorthPage Digital Marketing Intelligence is provided through leading management consultancies, interactive agencies and Martech providers

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