Cognitive Outlook

"An enterprise's cognitive capabilities will rival its IT capabilities in determining company competitiveness and viability."

"Cognitive reality: smartest beats biggest, first-to-market and lowest cost."

"Wall Street-levels of cognitive systems and intelligence deployed in marketing will upend entire industries."

"The coming era of cognitive systems in marketing will remove any doubt that marketing is the new IT."

"Cognitive differentiation. Your organization's future depends on it."

"Where does it all end? Cognitive-as-a-service."

Cognitive & Humans

"Current human-computer interfaces represent the greatest limiter of man-machine cognition."

"In the human-machine equation, people are a means to a better cognitive end through human-machine hybrid learning."

Cognitive Systems

"Big data feeds programmatic insight. Smart data feeds cognitive guidance."

"Cognitive-augmented marketing systems are here. Cognitive marketing systems are years away."

"The line between cognitive and programmatic is blurring beyond the point of distinction."

"Real-time corpus formulation is a requirement for cognitive system self-awareness."

"Current cognitive system deployments resemble complex ERP system deployments in cost, complexity, and time to value."

"Real cognitive personalization is not currently possible for 99.9% of all organizations. Amazon, Google, and Facebook represent the .1%."

Cognitive Value

"Cognitive that augments programmatic systems produces more value than cognitive that augments humans."

"Current cognitive deployments are quick and tactical or long and sophisticated. These are the early days of cognitive."

"There is a world of difference between cognitive functionality and a cognitive system."

"Incremental cognitive deployment beats big bang."

Cognitive Market

"Most cognitive offerings are simply programmatic products with a new coat of paint."

"Cognitive is on the fast path to the peak of inflated expectations. Buy the crash."

"Cognitive buyers beware: A fool and your money are soon partners."


"In cognitive systems, the greater the context, the greater the confidence."

"Context is a multiplier of value in cognitive systems."

"Depth of and time-to-context are key differentiators between cognitive system deployments."

"The great hurdle for cognitive systems is context. This is the next frontier for cognitive computing."

"Humans can’t program context. Cognitive systems must learn it."

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